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Barren Earth - The Devil's Resolve

Posted by on March 5, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Barren Earth

The Devil's Resolve


Region - Finland

The Finnish have outdone themselves.  If you don't have the Finnish Flag waiving on your homestead then this will get you in the mood. Atmospherically heavy, emotionally untying and instinctly distinct. Barren Earth have now picked up the Torch that Amorphis once lit afire and are now treading the land of 1000 lakes.  Imagine Barren Earth being the younger brother of Amorphis ...


With the onset of Passing Of The Crimson Shadows to The Rains Begin slow looming swells of northern lights peak through the darkness with shining piercing metal guitars and stern wielding bass guitars atop voracious vocals.


You never know what you might hear from Finland, either way you will crap your pants.  As It Is Written brings to memorial the historical Cathedral from the UK or better yet Eric Johnson with fat ice distortion, eh!  The Dead Exiles is sure to quake the earth circa Har Megiddo, just you wait and see, or wait and listen.  All hell will break loose that day... with more heaviness than Black Sabbath and Type O Negative combined.   Amidst the White Fields is some elements of boogy and face smashing and smile inducing drum taps and bass drives.


Alas, Where All Stories End - a sublte lullaby for the unknown, could it be fear of the unkown?  Herein we reference the genius of Cliff Burton's work in Master Of Puppets and Ride The Lighning - EPIC heaviness.  We can't wait until we see them in Texas.  Perhaps this time we'll have another Texas Size Gift!  Rock on.


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