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Plug This In - December 19, 2011 - Metal Mind Productions

Posted by on December 19, 2011 at 9:15 PM


Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects

Sol Niger Within

Metal Mind Productions

Origin - Sweden


As a re-issue Metal Mind sure knows how to pick them.  Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects is a mind smashing, time warp, heavy minded, headbanging inducing dose of sonic madness.  Do you have Djent?  Over 40 minutes spread out over 29 tracks make this a punk minded metal album in short sonic bursts that obliterate any barrier that exists between you the listener and your ear canals.  So watch out. 


Production wise the sound is well balanced, in tune, beyond consumer-minded metal babblings and in the vein of Sweden, sweet musicianship.  Should you ever be in the mood for peers like Alex Masi, Segor Areskin, and Ihsahn then Fredrik's conglomerate will not fail in the delivery of heavy.  On the seas of madness Fredrik lays out all kinds of atonal solo frigates and tidal waves of vocal zaniness.  Totally good madness.  Hard hitting drums, thudding bass, screaming - it's all good.  Click here to buy your own.

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Metal Mind Productions

Origin - Germany


There is no doubt Liquido have a knack for landing solid catchy poppy tunes.  Mind you pop rock does not have to be boring nor sold out in the mind, it's what makes music stand out, that grabs you by the eylids and pulls your ears into the nearest speaker cones!  Imagine the Dead Kennedys clash with The Pixies as they plow over The Toadies with Matthew Sweet on spare guitar. And yes for good measure, put in some Dave Grohl dashed with spice here and there.


With (14) tracks of the original release with a super fine touch of enhancement on the sound you have these songs that really stand out as great music:  Flip to Play; Love Me em Evol; Mr. Officer; Ordinary Life and Fake Boys / Girls being the absolute best tracks; No Sensitive Healing; The Final Strike; High Roller; Drag Me Down; The Standard; Jump Off the most even tempered slower tempo track.  Moreover, with your purchase you get (4) Bonus items, two tracks and two video footage files.


The monumental line up: Wolle Maier - drums, Wolfgang Schrödl - vocals/guitar/piano; Stefan Schulte-Holthaus - bass; Tim Eiermann - vocals/guitar.


This music goes back a ways but not too far. If you are a fan of Green Day, The Juliana Theory, Blink 182, Beatsteaks or any of the aforementioned band you're going to need this disc.  Click here to buy your own.

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Strawberry Fields

Rivers Gone Dray

Metal Mind Productions

Origin - Poland


Nine tracks atmospheric alternative rock all focused on pristine musicianship and easily transitioned vocals.

With respect to the tracks here are some basic, yet profound comments:

Close - Frente, New Order, Maria Scabbia/..., The Lightning Seeds; Rivers Gone Dry - the song that caught our attention, an eclectic array of varying levels of atmosphere and soundscapes; Fool - Natalie Imbruglio, 10,000 Maniacs, Heart guitars and Fleetwood Mac on vocals; Moon - Chris Isaak, double bass music as found in Henry Connick Jr music, vocals like Ella Taronc (in collaboration track with Arenia rock band M.D.P.,;

Beautiful - This one is a jazzy electronic upbeat rhythm machine full of catchy alternative pop vocals as once sung by Brook/YourLotusKiss; Maybe - The Sisters Of Mercy drum style beats; from electronic to rock and back in just seconds; Flow - A modern take on Mississippi Blues as made famous by B.B. King, just listen carefully to the guitar tone and pick clanks on the strings.


Robin is the vocalist who needs no introduction, just listen to her voice and you know her voice is amongst the greatest of our time with the likes of Enya, Natalie Merchant, Alanis Morissette.  Sarhan is one of the greatest guitarits to emerge from Eastern Europe, just listen to his classic guitar emissions on Close, Fool, Moon and his flawless highly executed and skill transition in Beautiful.  His peers by name we call them Eric Johnson, Dave Matthews, Lindsey Buckingham, Alex Lifeson.  Jarek's illusive and dreamy bass lines are comparable with those of Geddy Lee, Linus Klausenitzer, Billy Greer, and Stu Hamm.  Wojtek is a busy person on this disc - keyboards, drums, acoustic guitar - the fascinating aspect of Wojtek's various instrument voices is that they all sound like different people from different perspectives recorded the repsective instruments, well done.  In addition Krys adds more atmosphere.


Click here now to buy your official disc.

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War Machine

Metal Mind Productions

Origin - UK


Heavy handed classic heavy metal, in the form and figures of early shapers of the NWOBHM and not to forget American Metal.  Like pure cain sugar, nothing like this release out there - at least in current times.  Pedro Ferreira, Tony Newton and Ade Emsley each had their part in the triumphant sound of this true heavy metal record.  Tank managed to have recorded a classic sounding disc that leans into the era of Black Sabbath Mob Rules, Dio, Whitesnake, early Def Leopard, latter Deep Purple, Judas Priese, and current talent as Bob Rock.  All this to say, TANK is TANK and ain't nobody can take the place of THE TANK.


Mike Tucker alongside Cliff Evans pummel the fretboard with raging riffs, sidewinding solos and melodies that captivate.  Top Notch, Steady, well-balanced and timed are all adjecteives used to describe Dave Cavill's rounds of drumming.  Equally as important in the foundational sound of Tank is Chris Dale's traditionally driven seismic-sized bass notes together with gallops that make classic metal alive.  Alas, Doogie White's vocal delivery will leave you in amazement and have you begging for more classic metal.


Recommendations for the listener to get best listening sound experience:  use earbuds; car stereo with lots of midrange; home stereo with balance of midrange, treble and bass. Are there any critiques?  Not really only two "wish it would haves"  a) louder bass volume on the eq; b) less of the room mics on the drums and more on the actual heads.


Here is to the rock and metal fan in all of us, TANK! Click to buy.

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Farmer Boys

The Other Side

Metal Mind Productions

Region - Germany


First of all the packaging on this disc is phenomenal.  The matte finish on the eco packaging looks like a DVD and the cover appears as a poster for a new movie.  Stunning work.


Now to the music.  Who do they sound like?  Well take the distinctive qualities of these groups and you might just get an idea of Farmer Boys sound:  Staind, Incubus, Catherine Wheel (Chrome era), Depeche Mode, The Lightning Seeds, Rammstein, Godsmack, and Pitchshifter ( era).


Here are the folks that have made such a great record:

Matthias Sayer - vocals

Alex Scholpp - guitars

Dennis Hummel - programming

Antonio Ieva - bass

Till Hartmann - drums


I would consider this disc to be the soundtrack (lyrically and musically) to "a day in the life of various people".  ONCE AND FOR ALL is a definite track for fighting back, one of determination.  You can hear it in the strong bite of the snare and heavily distorted staccato riffs.  Vocally the quality of Sayer's voice is creme de la creme.   Hummel's work can be best heard in track 5, PREMONITION.  The track gently leads the listener into an emotional whirlpool termed IN MY DARKEST HOUR.  Here we definitely pick up the heart-rendering vibe of Ieva's bass guitar - a strong pulsing that is showcases the lighter side of Scholp's thinner layers of crackling distorion accompanied by clean guitar tones.  Really the disc goes on and one with tasty tracks for the rock and metal fan alike. 


This version of the disc as marketed by Metal Mind Poland features three bonus tracks and the video clip for STAY LIKE THIS FOREVER.  Now when Metal Mind does a bonus, they mean it for REAL!!!  My final words for this, OUTSTANDING in all aspects - each track is a bite in of itself.  Take a bite for yourself, click here to buy.

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