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Into The Pantheon, EMPYRIUM's Best Live

Posted by on December 24, 2013 at 4:35 PM

Empyrium <> Ambience voltaire


Expect nothing less than film noire, an intrinsically valuable black, white, color film. There is a difference between a live music and a film. Into The Pantheon have made the progression that many live recorded sets fail to succeed, the succession to "film" status. Film is the visual experience that enshrouds the listener and transports them into the living experience; think of it this way, "... I felt as if I was part of the FILM, I was taken to foreign lands, I was led into empty cathedrals, I was found in villages of olde, I was there..."


We reference the following, because it reminds us of those hidden jewels:  Sisters of Mercy; Saviour Machine; Iron Maiden & Acoustic Maiden; Rammstein (ala Engel).


In terms of the implements, we have these traditional instruments in portrayal of Empyrium's live set: Classical guitar Pensive guitar tones and melodies; Drums; Bass; Electric Guitars; Vocals; and a Living String Section.


A welcome listen and view, because there are not any ear deafening solos or machine driven scales that dominate many rock genres.  Vocally we hear gothic tremors that lead us into the halls of Gregorian Chants once found active, now lonely and forgotten.  Sixty-seven minutes is not enough time to capture the live essence of Empyrium. Sixty-seven produces the Need for more Empyrium, not in terms of mere consumerism - but in terms of honest and true music, for those seeking.  By fortunate experience, this is the first we hear Empyrium music and it is enough to cause us to research their history and older material.


Possibly it is the European way of life to create musical masterpieces light centuries ahead of the artists time, or maybe it is the ancient history that is documented that somehow attaches itself to the DNA of this population. Fascinating.  What is most appreciated about this Live DVD is the passion the musicians have for their music, as well as the passion each of the string section players have for this music - even though it is not their own.  As you plug into the music, one will notice many if not all the musicians are sitting in symphonic concerto fashion. This is a definite contrast to what metal heads look for, but I welcome this! Purity in its rawest form ~ simplicity for the sake of the music, the message and the audience. Mind you, there is metal for those of us who look for that heavier element in the Musical Table of Elements! Forget all other marketing ploys of "Unplugged," <> is what you have been awaiting.

The Documentary...for us to know, and you to find out, buy it or regret it.



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