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KIMAERA - The Harbinger Of Doom

Posted by on June 23, 2014 at 10:05 PM



The Harbinger of Doom


Stygian Crypt




Kimaera appear to be making a name for themselves in their homeland. I suspect it is a place of burgeoning rock and metal bands but Kimaera is sure to stand out as a unique and relentless tour de force. Praising My Pain - this track hints at NY death metal intro ala Suffocation and then quickly shifts into a symphonic metal dirge. The violin definitely enhances the metal aura and partners well with the wall of guitars and drums. The Script of Sorrow - is one of the faster tunes on the CD. Not only do you get soaring guitars, helicopter double bass drums, but pipe organ interludes that flow into clean tone transition pieces remiscent of Death Angel ACTIII. Aged Wine and Woe bring to mind legendary Katatonia. This recipe for success contains a dash of emotion, a pinch of sadness, a lot of doom, and a lot more heaviness. Lost Control immediately hints at Savatage and Dream Theater. The title maybe "lost" but the musician ship is not lost here, much control and tactile finesse transition this song from clean singing into a deluge of emotional turmoil with the distorted guitars and harsh vocals.




In Summation if you like Katatonia, Dark Tranquility, Orphaned Land, Anathema, Sworn (Armenia); you will have to buy KIMAERA's THE HARBINGER OF DOOM.  Texas size thank you to Stygian Crypt.

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