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Graverobber - Inner Sanctum

Posted by on January 14, 2010 at 10:15 PM


Inner Sanctum

Retroactive Records


This CD's line up includes: Wretched on vocals; Lamentor on guitar and vocals; Carcass on bass and vocals; Plague on drums and vocals.  A more refined and sharened approach to punk.  Only one disc I can think of that is as cool as this - Misfist "Famous Monsters" as recorded with Michale Graves on vocals.


Overall the quality again is unrivaled and packs a mean punch.  This time around Carcass, Plague and Lamentor shake quite the heaviness with thicker muted strings tandemized by a dryer mix on drums.  Wretched improves over the first Retroactive release by voluming down a little on the vocal approach and expanding the melodic range to enable harmonization amongst the other background vocalists.


Recall that legenday LP, Blood, Sweat and Not Tears from Sick of it All?  Well Carcass's bass guitar structures and pronounced popping and jolting sounds a lot like that LP.  If you are a fan of Doyle's latter days work in the Misfits, you'll really get a kick out of the pick slides, sliding pull-off's by Lamentor.


Best tracks in order of preference:

Altered States, Valley of Dry Bones, Men In Black, I Spit On Your Grave, The Night Has Eyes, Fear no Evil, I'm Possessed.


Possibly, just possibly, this could be considered a current primitive cross-over album from punk to hardcore/metal, just like when DRI released "Crossover".


If it's up to me where to decide to spend your money, you have to get your hands on this Retroactive release.


Click here to find the listing of where you can order yours.

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