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Grave Robber - Interview

Posted by on January 14, 2010 at 10:57 PM

Editor for In one sentence, describe the Grave Robber band - for those of us who are newly introduced?

Wretched of Grave Robber: Grave Robber is a theatrical, horror, shock rock Christian band.


Editor: How did the band get connected with RetroActive Records?

Wretched: Through a mutual friend.


Editor: Wretched when you play live, do you play any instruments or strictly vocals?

Wretched: I'm just the vocalist. I did play a bit of guitar in the studio, tho.


Editor: Does the phrase, "Avoid every kind of evil" apply to imagery?

Wretched:I think that depends. What's the purpose? What's the point? If someoneis trying to perpetuate evil, then it's certainly not right. The otherpoint is, what does evil look like? Some would say it's dark and scary.That's not what the Bible says. The Bible reports Lucifer as the "angelof light" and that he was beautiful. That leads me to lean towards whatAlice Cooper said, "Satan looks less like a red guy with a pitchforkand more like Brad Pitt". To be honest, Grave Robber isn't nearly as"evil looking" as say, some hot young CCM artist with a push-up bra anda breathy voice! I mean, no one is turned on by the way Grave Robberlooks, but the hot CCM artist. . . hmm?


Editor: So who the heck is the "Reanimator"?

Wretched: He is the only one in history to raise Himself from the dead. He continues to raise others from the grave as well.


Editor: the Be Afraid disc has a track, "I want to kill you over and over again" - what is this song about?

Wretched: Dying to yourself daily. "Over and over again."


Editor: Who would you say is the biggest punk influence on Grave Robber?

Wretched: Oh come on! The Misfits! haha!


Editor: Who would you say is the biggest non-punk music influence on Grave Robber?

Wretched: Alice Cooper, Kiss, horror films, The Bible.


Editor: Do you know who Gog and Magog are and if they'll have a part to play in the final showdown?

Wretched: Hmm. . . no. I don't.


Editor: Obviously there were some lineup changes between be Afraid and the new "Inner Sanctum" - what happened?

Wretched: Sometimes dudes just can't hang.


Editor: "Inner Sanctum" is the newest Grave Robber release on RetroActive records - what was the impetus for


writing this record?

Wretched: Matt from Retroactive asked us to. No, seriously we had songs and it was time.


Editor: What is your favorite song from Inner Sanctum and why?

Wretched: That like picking your favorite child. Sometimes you feel a certain closeness to one at a certain moment, but you still love them all the same!


Editor: What is Yafari Energy - is that a drink or food or what is it?

Wretched: It's an energy drink that Plague endorses. All natural and has quite a bit of health benefits, too.


Editor: In you opinion, who has the better Misfits voice - Danzig, Graves, or Jerry Only - and why?

Wretched: Danzig for sure!! Jerry is pretty bad. He can't really hit the notes.haha!!


Editor: Why doesn' t Grave Robber just use facepaint instead of masks? - wouldn't they get all funky and hot and stuff like that?

Wretched: Carcass has really bad exema and using makeup wasn't an option.


Editor: What are some the bands you guys are listening to now?

Wretched: I really haven't been impressed with much modern music, but currently I'm digging Leper's "And Everybody Died". Amazing Goth band from Chicago.


Editor: Have you guys had any shows in Europe - if not, where would you like to play?

Wretched: Not yet, but we really want to get over to Europe. Basically, we'd like to play the entire continent.


Editor: As far as punk music goes, there's always influences by Sex Pistols and the Misfits - does The Exploited have any influence on Grave Robber?

Wretched: Not really. I was never a huge fan. I'm more into melodic vocals. I respect The Exploited more than I like them.


Editor: If punk music fans want to check your music out - where can they do that?




Wretched: Sure! 


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