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Skyforger - Kurbads

Posted by on July 6, 2010 at 10:16 PM



Metal Blade Records



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Skyforger have been slugging it out in the Baltic Region heavy music scene for years. Now the time is right to land the horses worldwide. We are talking heavy out the wazoo and full of non-stop creative folk genius.


Get used to these names, they'll be spreading the internet thin on metal bandwidth:

Peter - vox

Edgars "Zirgs" - bass,vox

Kaspars - folk instrumentation, vox

Edgars "Mazais" - drums

Martins - guitar.


As for some of the tracks...

Curse Of The Witch - Steve Vai influenced WAH-Some guitar work, steadfast bass guitars, high-impact wrench sounding drums and the allusive vocal painting make this arguably the top two tracks on the disc. The Nine-Headed is a freaky take thrash heavy impulses and mind twisting concepts. In the Yard of the father's son - reminds me of their folk album. Perfect atmosphere, fun song. I would consider this the latvian version of "99 bottles of milk on the wall". The stone sentinel - smashup between Amon Amarth and Black Sabbath "Black Amarth" sound. Heavy, over the top gritty vocals and gloomy doom couplings of bass and guitar. Kurbads - high end blend of Judas Priest, Motorhead, and Big Country - the only cover track on the release (well done wether original or remake). The release is Baltic by sound - no other regional world sound is similar or like it. More specificially you hear what must be termed as Latvian Folk Metal. My estimation, best reflection of this is in The Devilslayer. Eastern European metal nor former states is the same, so remember that when you plug in the disc or in more recent times - download your purchase.


The Kurbads scorecard has reached a 100 percent on all tracks for likeablity, genuineness, and heaviness. Often what goes hand in hand with heavy music is the artwork for the release. The artwork on this disc is done by none other than MARTINS himself - stunning, folk, and woodsy.


Lauska Studio and Kaspars Barbals go hand in hand with music perfection. Eleven of 11 tracks show production finesse while capturing the aggressive sound of heavy music the Latvian-way.


Put it this way, if you are ready for a swift kick in the hinders, then KURBADS is your next purchase. We'll make it easy for you - click here to buy

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